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on-site mixing.

Always Fresh Concrete Ideal for Remote Job-Sites

Minimum order: 200 cubic yards of concrete.

Long-term rent: $12.000 per month (just $17 per hour)

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Buying construction machine or equipment allows you to use it any time and in flexible way. But on the other hand, in case of buying equipment, you would also need to assume  storage costs, regular technical maintenance, repairs, selling it when you do not need it anymore.

Taking all this into consideration it is more feasible in many situations to rent construction equipment instead of buying it.


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Below we listed some of the reasons in favour of renting equipment as opposed to buying it. x



Use only what you need

If you do not have permanent scope and volume of work for the equipment you are looking to purchase, it makes more sense to rent it: As an owner of the equipment you automatically incur a number of considerable expenses, such as storage, maintenance, taxation, insurance etc. Unless you use this equipment on a daily basis, rent makes much more sense as you get all the benefits of owning the equipment without any drawbacks.



Do not have to resell:

It is widely recognized that construction equipment depreciates quite steeply in its value even during the first year of usage. In order to get good price for it you will need to invest into its technical maintenance and keep the machine in excellent condition. In case of rent, everything what you need to do after you have finished using the equipment is just to send it back to renter. Rent gives you much more flexibility and allows you to benefit from various types of construction equipment without actually owning it.



Find the right equipment for the job:

Flexibility in terms of finding proper equipment for your project : Due to the reason that you do not buy equipment, but just rent it, you will have more opportunities for finding right equipment that meets your specific needs. You can test different types of equipment at your project and choose the one that best meets your requirements.



No breakdowns:

Smooth operation without interruptions: Generally, rental equipment has higher productivity. Rental equipment will easily and effectively do its job at your project and you will not need to think and take care about maintenance and repair, if it suddenly breaks down during operation. Our rental equipment is always ready, technically maintained, safe and ready for a job. If you decide to buy equipment, you will have take full responsibility for all the maintenance and repair works.
Metalgalante, certified quality: Carmix 3500 TC
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Reasons to Rent x



No need to pay for storage:

After buying equipment, you immediately face issue of where to store it and have to pay for storage. With rental storage is out of your concern.



Rental will help you to understand what equipment to buy, if you eventually decide to buy:

Let us suppose that you want to buy equipment. Using rental equipment, you can try and test different models directly at your site or project and then later on compare and decide which model and characteristics of equipment suits you the most.



Tax deductions for rental equipment:

Construction equipment does not allow you to receive tax deductions and after time depreciation can strongly impact and affect final price of your equipment. In case with rental equipment you can immediately write off all these expenses.



Always newest rental technology for use:

If you refer to rental equipment, you can experience and test out latest technology advancements in the industry and increase productivity using new more effective equipment than before.

Download commercial offer

PDF, 3 mb

Why Choose Us .

Among other benefits of renting there are also:

  • Flexible rental term agreements according to needs of customer – short term, long term, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Reliability, professionalism and cooperation of your rental business partner in solving possible challenges.
  • Experienced operator at your disposal.

When renting a mobile concrete mixer from us, you are not just getting an outstanding piece of equipment, it already comes with an experienced operator who will give advice on how to organise concrete production on your job site in the most efficient way to ensure that you get the most value from your rental machine.


If you make your choice in favour of our heavy duty rental equipment, you will not need to pay any storage costs. Simply call us or drop off the equipment at designated locations after you finish using it. We will find and arrange storage for equipment and it will help your business as you can save your own money and time.


The fleet of rental construction equipment of our company consists of new and reliable units that in regular and careful way pass through technical maintenance done by qualified experienced service technicians. Prior to rental, each machine is checked to assure that the most productive and reliable equipment is given to a client. You can count that using our reliable machines will help you to avoid delays caused by breakdown of your own equipment and successfully meet deadline.


It is to note that rentals are not qualified as liability in company“s business balance sheet which outlines all your assets and liabilities. By this renting can improve your borrowing perspectives and capacity. It is  very helpful in terms of borrowing as rental is not shown as liability in balance sheets and you can freely borrow at credit institutions for any further important business purposes. 


Having any equipment in ownership can be   very expensive as owner has to do regular technical maintenance, repairs and store equipment. Also the value of equipment depreciates after some time, but that is not a case with our heave duty and reliable equipment rentals! Above this, when renting our equipment you will get access to the latest advanced technologies without need to worry that its value is going to depreciate! We have only new highly productive machines and equipment in line, no outdated equipment is being using which can lead to possible drawbacks like low productivity, decreased turnaround time etc.


In business operation there can be situations, when renting equipment can offer much more benefits and advantages rather than buying it. No matter what type and capacity of equipment you need, our company will do the best to supply fully functional and ready for a job machine.
Renting can also give you a perfect opportunity for testing any model which you consider to buy, analyze their characteristics and then based on this make a right choice. This can save you lots of money. 

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