Carmix Provides Efficient Concrete Solution for San Nicolas Island Military Base Project

Introduction: In a remote and challenging location like San Nicolas Island off the coast of California, Carmix USA had the opportunity to showcase the effectiveness of our mobile self-loading concrete mixers. This case study highlights how Carmix successfully addressed the concrete needs for a Navy military base project on the island, delivering exceptional results in a demanding environment.

Project Overview: The project involved the demolition of an existing concrete base for installation of specific telecommunication equipment and the construction of a new one that is going to be more durable and be able to withhold a bigger load. The general contractor that was awarded this project, faced a significant challenge: the absence of a batching plant on the island as well as inability to transport the required amount of ready mix via sea or air. Recognizing the need for a reliable concrete solution, the contractor reached out to Carmix USA, seeking assistance. Carmix stepped in with our 3500TC model, offering a perfect fit for the project’s requirements.

Concrete Solution: To meet the equipment foundation requirement of 100 yards of concrete that had to be poured continuously in one go, Carmix provided two rental units of our 3500TC self-loading concrete mixers. These versatile machines proved to be the ideal solution for the remote jobsite on San Nicolas Island. The mixers were transported by a step deck trailer to the port and subsequently delivered to the island via a barge along with other essential equipment.

Concrete Mixing Process: Given the necessity for a constant pour, the concrete mix design included retardant (EUCON™ RETARDER 100) and superplasticizer (PLASTOL™ 6400) additives. Precise compliance with the initial mix design was a key point and it was achieved with the help of a load cells based Carmix weighting system and a high flow water meter that is also installed on the self loading concrete mixer as standard. Carmix adopted an efficient approach to expedite the production process. While one Carmix unit was being loaded with premixed concrete (5000 PLUS HIGH EARLY STRENGTH CONCRETE MIX), the other was simultaneously in the process of discharge, ensuring a continuous flow of concrete. To further streamline operations, a forklift was employed to dump 3000-pound bags of premixed concrete (Sakrete 5000 plus) directly into the drum via the hopper with an open hatch. The process involved adding water and necessary chemicals, ensuring the optimal mix.

Precision Placement and Inspection: Due to the size of the foundation, special considerations were made for concrete placement. A concrete bucket with a crane was utilized to discharge the concrete at specific spots, ensuring even application and structural integrity. Throughout the process, several inspectors closely monitored and oversaw the operation, collecting samples for crush tests to ensure compliance with quality standards. All inspections were successfully passed, highlighting the precision and accuracy of Carmix’s concrete mixing solution.

Adapting to Changing Conditions: While the project progressed smoothly during the warm, clear daytime weather, the late afternoon temperature drop presented a challenge. Carmix quickly adapted by adjusting the water amount in the mix design to maintain the optimal consistency and ensure the quality of the concrete. This flexibility showcased Carmix’s ability to adapt to changing conditions and deliver consistent results.

Conclusion: Carmix’s involvement in the San Nicolas Island military base project demonstrated our ability to provide an efficient and reliable concrete solution even in remote and demanding locations. By offering our self-loading concrete mixers, Carmix enabled the general contractor to meet the project’s concrete needs without the presence of a batching plant on the island, which was almost impossible to arrange. The successful completion of the project, with inspections passed and quality standards met, reflects Carmix’s commitment to excellence. Our expertise, innovative equipment, and adaptability made Carmix the preferred choice for this challenging endeavor. Carmix continues to be a trusted partner for remote construction projects, delivering exceptional results and ensuring the smooth execution of concrete-related operations.