Innovation in High Altitude Construction: Tashjian Towers Corporation Harnesses Carmix for Mountainous Triumph

The rugged terrain of California’s mountainous landscapes has long posed formidable challenges for construction projects, particularly in the installation of critical communication infrastructure. Yet, in the heart of the mountainous region near Porterville, CA, a remarkable story of innovation and adaptability is unfolding. The Tashjian Towers Corporation, renowned for its pioneering approach to erecting communication towers in demanding environments, has set a new benchmark. Their recent deployment of Carmix, a cutting-edge construction solution, promises to transform the way we think about high-altitude construction. This article dives into the exciting details of how Tashjian Towers Corporation is using Carmix to conquer the formidable heights and ensure seamless communication for the region’s inhabitants. From the intricate engineering challenges to the breathtaking vistas, this is a tale of perseverance and progress that underscores the spirit of innovation in the field of construction.

Supplying concrete to a construction site located atop a mountain in California, where a communication tower complex is being built (comprising a communication tower, solar panels, and an office building), presents a unique set of challenges due to the remote and rugged terrain.

Our client, an experienced engineering and construction company, embarked on this ambitious project fully equipped with comprehensive engineering plans and a clear vision of execution. However, one formidable challenge loomed large: how to efficiently supply and pour concrete for the construction of critical components, including the tower’s foundation, a small office building, and three extensive rows of solar panels that would power the entire installation.

The main challenge was the road to the construction site. Regular mixer trucks simply can not make it to the construction site without the risk of overturning. So ordering concrete from the nearest batching plant was out of question. The other alternative considered was to mix the concrete on site by hand. However it would have extended the project’s timeline dramatically as well as this method would lack the required precision and quality parameters of the concrete mix.

In their quest to find a viable solution, our client turned to innovation, and the answer came in the form of Carmix, a versatile and compact concrete mixing and transport system. Here’s how Carmix helped them overcome their concrete supply challenges:

1. Mobility in Rugged Terrain: The mountainous terrain near Porterville, California, can be unforgiving, with narrow and steep roads that are not accessible to large concrete mixer trucks. Carmix’s compact design and all-terrain capabilities allowed it to navigate these challenging paths with ease, reaching even the most remote corners of the construction site.

2. On-Site Concrete Production: To avoid the logistical nightmare of transporting concrete over long distances, our client established on-site concrete mixing facilities using Carmix. This ensured a constant and reliable supply of fresh concrete, minimizing the risk of delays and ensuring that the concrete met the stringent quality standards required for the project.

3. Precision and Consistency: Carmix’s state-of-the-art mixing technology enabled our client to achieve precision and consistency in concrete mixes, essential for the stability and durability of the tower, office building, and solar panel foundations. The system allowed for precise control over the mix design, ensuring that the concrete met the specific requirements of each component. The project required the use of 5000 PSI concrete mix.

4. Cost Efficiency: By reducing the need for long-distance concrete transportation and eliminating the wastage associated with over-ordering, Carmix helped our client control costs effectively. The efficiency gains translated into a more budget-friendly approach to the project.

5. Adaptability to Altitude: Carmix’s adaptability to high-altitude conditions was crucial in the mountainous setting. 

6. Environmental Sensitivity: Being committed to environmentally responsible construction practices, our client appreciated Carmix’s relatively low environmental impact. This aligned with their goal of minimizing disruption to the local ecosystem while erecting the communication tower complex.

In essence, Carmix emerged as a transformative solution that not only addressed the concrete supply challenges but also contributed to the overall success of this high-altitude construction project. With its versatility, mobility, and efficiency, Carmix exemplified innovation in action, allowing our client to realize their vision of creating a robust communication tower complex atop the challenging terrain of California’s mountains.