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Concrete cost calculator – imperial units

Below you can find a usefull tool to calculate cost of concrete production in your particular case.

Concrete cost calculator allows to adjust prices of aggregates accordig to your specific conditions.

Based on how much you pay for rock, sand or cement, you will adjust the calculator and see how much you can save by using carmix as a
source of concrete for your jobsite.

We have preset our calculator for two main grades of concrete: 3000psi and 4000psi. The correct mixdesign is already there.

Calculator will also include price of gas required to prepare one full batch of concrete (3.9 Cubic Yards), operators sallary for required period of time
and also the cost of periodic maintenance that you will incur with CARMIX.

Based on a daily output of carmix being around 60-80 cubic Yards, saving even $20 per cubic yard addus up to around $1000 savings per day.
Also bear in mind that with Carmix you have no delivery cost for ready concrete as you produce it yourself on site.

  1. We assume that the fuel consumption is 4 galons/hour. For 1 hour CARMIX makes 3 batches of 3.9 cubic yards. This means that to prepare one batch, carmix will use 1 galon of disel
  2. For a period of 1,000 operating hours, the cost of maintenance for the Carmix 3500TC concrete mixer is around $3000.
  3. Only one operator is required to run the machine. The calculation was made on the basis of 22 working days per month, lasting 8 hours.

Component Cost Required quantity for 3.9 Yards3 Cost of manufacture for 3.9 Yards3
Gravel $ per pound pound $142
Sand $ per pound pound $62
Cement $ per pound pound $99
Water $ per ton pounds $0
Gas per galon gal $2.6
Periodic maintenance $ per 100 working hours minutes $7.5
Operator Salary $ per hour minutes $6.25

Net cost of 3,9 yard3: $319
Net cost of 1 yard3: $81
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