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Do you want to reduce the cost of concrete?

Carmix is self-loading mobile batching plant is a special-purpose machinery used for production of various construction mixes, including concrete at hard-to-reach sites.

A multi-functional concrete mixer is designed for use in various conditions: urban development, highlands/mountains, work in confined spaces, mines, road and agricultural, civil engineering.

Carmix loads aggregates independently, blends the mortar, moves around the site and discharges the mixture. You will only need one operator to operate this special-purpose machinery.

The main task of the CARMIX mixer is to produce concrete mortar.

In order to perform the task quickly and efficiently machine is equipped with:

  • bucket for loading of all aggregate materials
  • four off-road wheels for moving around the site
  • on board water tanks
  • drum rotation by 270° for easy discharging
  • high output water pump used for filling on board water tanks as well as supply water for the mix directly into the drum
  • electronic weighing system for aggregates weighting in order to accurately comply with the recipe


The top tech device allows to transform Carmix into a concrete plant with it`s own concrete testing facility. The system provides multiple parameter measures of the fresh concrete to ensure it`s top quality.


Extreme durability and highly reliable components makes Carmix a reliable partner in any concrete production job regardless of the tough operating conditions.


The design of the loading shovel, driven by hydraulics, ensures loading of the aggregates in the most precise and accurate way. Cement bags can be easily discharged into the shovel thanks to the pre installed blade.


In order to ensure that Carmix will not fail when it is most needed,

we test every unit that comes out of our factory twice for multiple hours.

These are just several unique features of carmix that makes it the industry leader:

The operator cab is in the front to ensure maximum visibility and control of the loading and discharge process. The engine is located in the back end of the machine to allow easy maintenance access.

A very straight forward controls that allow evern operators with little experience to do the job quickly and efficiently.

In order to further increase mobility of Carmix we designed and equipped most of models with a 270° rotation of the drum system. This hugely facilitates discharge of concrete in narrow spaces.

Loading shovel is equipped with hydraulically driven door to allow for precise adherence of mix design

Yet another measure that allows top precision when loading materials shut off plate in the bucket

The most reliable weighing system, the kind that is used for stationary concrete plants. The system is using 4 strain-measuring sensors that are located underneath the drum

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Carmix is undoubtedly the industry leader in on site concrete production equipment. We are dedicated to production of the most durable and straight-forward machines for concrete mixing and distribution suitable for all types of construction sites.

About Us

Our 40 years of history brought us to where we are now – production of the most cost efficient and high quality tool for concrete manufacture. Carmix originates from Carman, that in the 60`s started to assemble mixing machines from used military and agricultural units.

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